A Blueprint for a New Party

Seth Ackerman makes the case in his Jacobin magazine article, A Blueprint for a New Party, that we need to think seriously about what it would take to form a democratic organization rooted in the working class. The Sanders campaign has demonstrated that a serious electoral politics to the left of the Democratic Party might be possible. This political moment offers a chance to advance new electoral strategies for an independent left-wing party rooted in the working class.
A true working-class party should be democratic and member-controlled. It must be independent — determining its own platform and educating around it. Its candidates should be members of the party, accountable to the membership, and pledged to respect the platform. However, Ackerman argues that decisions about how individual candidates appear on the ballot could be made on pragmatic grounds. The organization could choose to run in major or minor party primaries, as nonpartisan independents, or on the organization’s own ballot line.