EQUAL TIME is where Vermonters talk about issues ignored by the corporate media—mothers opposing toxic pollution, workers fighting for decent jobs, nurses working for health care reform, students speaking out about their education, farmers struggling against corporate agribusiness, and more.

The Future of Our Schools, Teachers & Their Unions

Lois Weiner, author of The Future of Our Schools: Teachers Unions and Social Justice, explains why teachers who care passionately about teaching and social justice need to unite their energy for teaching with efforts to self-govern and transform their unions. Drawing on research, her experience as a public school teacher, and as a union activist, she explains how to create the teachers unions public education desperately needs.

Legislative Session's "Human Rights Record" & May 1st

Mary Gerisch, Vermont Workers Center chair, assesses this Legislative Session's "Human Rights Record" and reflects on the May 1st March & Day of Action that united over 1500 people from across Vermont. Even before the Senate's shameful actions denying early childhood educators' right to organize, the Workers Center found a mixed record, that rights were often ignored and even violated, especially in budget and revenue decisions.

Mobilizing to Defend Safety Net & for Worker/Immigrant Rights

Alan Benjamin, Executive Committee, San Francisco Labor Council, discusses the challenges working people and our unions face, and the need for an independent labor movement capable of mobilizing to prevent cuts in safety net programs, and for Worker and Immigrant Rights. A National Labor Fightback Conference, May 10-12th will strategize steps to promote the struggle for an independent, powerful labor movement.

Making Our State Government Work Even Better

Steve Howard discusses how we can improve care at the Vermont Veterans’ Home in Bennington, and meet other important human services needs including serving the elderly and Vermonters seeking food assistance through the 3SquaresVT Program by adequately staffing these services. Steve also explains that the core principles of the Vermont State Employees’ Association, include fairness; that they seek to achieve what is fair and equal in our workplaces, in our communities, in the political arena, and within their union.

Why We Should Stand up for the Rights of All Families & Oppose Reach Up Caps

Melissa Bourque explains why we should stand up for the rights of all families and oppose Reach Up caps. The House Human Services and Budget committees had a close vote to impose lifetime limits on Reach Up participants, mostly children and single moms. This would mean families get kicked off of necessary programs after an arbitrary time limit. We should be discussing how to create policy that puts people first, not how to destroy the little we have to support our communities.