The State Employees Agenda for Good Government

Dr. Leslie Matthews, Vermont State Employees Association Legislative Committee Chair, and state employee retiree Tony Smith discuss the State Employees Agenda for Good Government . VSEA members have overwhelmingly endorsed an ambitious legislative agenda for the upcoming 2014 session. The agenda—which was developed by rank-and-file members of the union’s Legislative Committee includes priority, union-wide issues like stopping the abuse of temporary workers, preventing the further costly privatization of state government and protecting the identities of workers who blow the whistle on corruption and fraud. VSEA is also pledging its resources to support legislation that benefits all working Vermonters, including safe patient handing, paid sick days for all workers, a secure retirement for all Vermonters, and a state budget that meets the needs of Vermont’s most vulnerable citizens. VSEA and its members are also advocating that the state employee health plan’s level of care be the baseline of any new system being created for all Vermonters.
State employees and their union are gearing up for an unprecedented grassroots campaign to help shape the debate in 2014, and move the Legislature and Shumlin Administration to put the issues and concerns of working Vermonters first.