Jill Stein Campaign & Prospects for Independent Politics

Howie Hawkins, long time Green Party activist and political candidate, explains that the Sanders campaign has revealed that a mass base exists now for an independent party of the left. More than in most presidential cycles, there is reason to hope for a mass breakaway in 2016. With many Sanders supporters unwilling to vote for Clinton, the independent left has a big opportunity to enlist significant new forces for independent left politics. The Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka Green Party campaign could become much more than a protest vote, impacting the 2016 political debate, and securing ballot status in more states. The next step is to transform Stein campaign committees that are not based on Green party organizations into local parties that will be active on local issues and run independent candidates. That would lay the basis for future local races for municipal, county, state legislature and congressional races where the “political revolution” can continue, with independent progressive candidates using Green ballot lines.