Building a Movement to Defeat Trumpism & Advance Our Rights

Les Leopold, the director of the Labor Institute, is working with unions and community organizations to build the educational infrastructure of a mass “reversing runaway inequality” movement. His article Why Bernie Sanders Is The Most Popular Politician In America makes the case that Bernie turned Occupy Wall Street's “We are the 99%” into a clear policy agenda. That agenda is why he remains so popular. This shows that we can build a powerful movement to take back our country from the hard right by organizing around a visionary agenda that protects and enhances the common good.
Les urges us to deepen the current resistance to Trump by building an educational network that reaches millions of Americans with the facts about runaway inequality, financial strip-mining and why a powerful common agenda is both possible and needed - that we all must come together or we all lose. No matter what our individual identity (racial justice activist, labor unionist, environmentalist, feminist, etc.), we also need to take on the identity of movement builder. This educational effort can help us see that the many issues we care about are deeply connected. It will help us see why we need a common movement that goes beyond our issue silos, interest groups and identities. It does not ask people to give up their issues and identities. Rather, it asks that we make issue silos more porous and interconnected. It asks that we add one more identity to each of us ―- the identity of movement builder.