"Don’t Care" aka TrumpCare; Building Transformative Campaigns and Power for the 99%

Jessica Early, a nurse and Rights & Democracy healthcare organizer explains that what the House of Representatives has done – taking the rudiments of an entirely inadequate national insurance system, and shredding it – represents the greatest assault on low and moderate-income Americans of any law in modern times. The AHCA would roll back the expansion of Medicaid, and eliminate coverage that more than 70,000 Vermonters rely on. Moreover, Trumpcare would cut at least $200 million from our already overstretched state budget, cost our state jobs, undermine our health care providers, compromise Vermont’s efforts to address the opiate epidemic, and block people with Medicaid from accessing essential healthcare at Planned Parenthood health centers. Republicans included tax breaks for the super-rich, corporations and health care CEOs—hundreds of billions of dollars—which will be paid for by cuts to health benefits for seniors, people with disabilities and families struggling to make ends meet. Rights and Democracy is petitioning Governor Scott to publicly reject Trumpcare, and take steps to protect our healthcare here in VT. We are organizing popular support to make Act 48 a reality to secure universal healthcare as a human right and equitably, publicly financed public good.
Isaac Grimm, Political Engagement Director with Rights & Democracy, reviews the legislative session with some important victories for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice, but explains that much more work needs to be done to move forward on a true people’s budget and a true people’s agenda. Isaac explains how Rights & Democracy is building transformative campaigns and Power for the 99%.