Feb. 25th Organizing to Save Our Healthcare

Brenda Patoine explains why it's so important to organize to save our healthcare as Trump and the Republican Congress are pushing to ram through an agenda which takes healthcare away from 30 million Americans, privatizes Medicare, and defunds Planned Parenthood, while giving tax cuts to their millionaire and billionaire friends. She shares how the Affordable Care Act turned her into a healthcare activist. Our Revolution, the continuation of Bernie Sanders's campaign, has initiated a national day of action on Saturday, February 25th to oppose cuts to healthcare, Social Security, the defunding of Planned Parenthood, and call for improved Medicare for All and an expansion of Social Security. In Vermont, Rights & Democracy VT, Vermont Healthcare for All, Vermont State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Vermont Center for Independent Living, Justice For All, Vermont Alliance for Retired Americans, Vermont Workers' Center, Vermont Progressive Party, and Main Street Alliance are holding rallies in Montpelier, Rutland and Bennington.