High Stakes in Burlington's Schools Showdown

Darren Allen, Communications Director for the Vermont-NEA, explains that the Burlington Education Association wants schools Burlington deserves. This includes affordable health care for teachers and all Vermonters; adequately resourced schools and support for all students; time for teachers prepare and collaborate to educate students; and transparency with how decisions are made by the school district. The BEA developed contract proposals in line with these areas. The Burlington school board voted to shut down bargaining and impose working conditions on the nearly 400 teachers minutes after their last contract expires on August 31st. This is the second year in a row that the board shut down bargaining with an imposition. Instead of fighting for funding the schools need, the Burlington Board continues to cut programming year after year and push more onto teachers and staff. This has lead to an unprecedented resignation of 100 teachers in the last 27 months. The imposed terms hurt teachers and do nothing to move Burlington or Vermont forward on the fight for affordable health care. The teachers are prepared to strike if a settlement is not reached.